Saturday, September 7, 2013

Today was a good day

Today was a good day. You played so many fun and weird little games with your sons and there was minimal crying. You loved it. For once you actually felt like a mother and not a babysitter. You can't remember the last time you enjoyed their company so much.

Today did have a rocky start though. Your Love, your Light, your Bliss called you at four in morning, drunk as all hell, talking about how nothing he does matters and hinting towards being suicidal. He ended up falling asleep outside of a club while he was on the phone with you and then lost his phone and his wallet at some point. He doesn't remember getting home. He actually said that he thinks that he might have a drinking problem! Hallelujah! Maybe he'll finally listen to you and stop drinking. If he is serious about quitting drinking, he's going to need to get new friends and that's going to be difficult for him. You know what it's like. Anytime you dropped a bad habit you lost friends and had to start over at square one to get new ones. At this point you've given up on trying to find new friends.

Some people aren't meant to have friends and you believe that you are one of them.

All that matters is your children: your beautiful beautiful children.

Your worried immensely about your Love, your Light, your Bliss, but what can you do when he's clear across the country surrounded by "friends" who can't even keep track of him for one night. You don't know what to do, but he needs help. Serious help. And you aren't qualified to give it to him. You two will have to have a serious discussion when he comes home about the state of his mental health which is apparently more critical than you thought.

Despite all of that in the morning, you still managed to have a beautiful, laughter filled day with your two sons. You're continually amazed at how smart they both are and watching them today and just comparing the growth they have made both mentally and physically from a year ago is astounding.

You're also excited because tonight you are going out with the Plumber, your Sweetheart. Who knows what he has in store for you. All you know is that it really doesn't matter. Just so long as he's around it'll be a wonderful time. You can't wait to see him. Only 20 minutes to go! :)

You worry that your Light, your Love, your Bliss will call when you're out with your Sweetheart, but you can't be responsible for a drunken mans mental health and you definitely don't want to have another conversation like last night while you're out on a date.

Here's to hoping for a beautiful night with a beautiful man after a beautiful day with your beautiful children.

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